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Town of Rockport | Rockport, ME

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    Town Of Rockport

The Town of Rockport is known for scenic views on the Penobscot Bay and for being a tourism-friendly small town. Now their 90-panel solar array makes them a sustainable icon on the Maine coast.

Their 24.75 kilowatt solar array will produce roughly 28,894 kilowatt-hours of electricity every year, offsetting the equivalent of over 49,957 miles driven in a gas-powered car. It will cover an estimated 73% of the office's electricity needs, saving Rockport taxpayers those expenses over the next 40+ years.

The town of Rockport took advantage of a PPA to install their solar array at no upfront cost, paying only a competitive rate for the electricity. They will have the option to purchase the array after a period of time and own all the solar power generated outright.

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