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Town of Hanover Police & Fire Department | New Hampshire

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    Hanover Fire Department Solar

The Water and Sewer District, a quasi-municipal entity based in Limestone, already has saved more than $3,000 on energy costs with the solar panels in just three months, according to one official's estimates.

The new 183-panel array installed in May on the Lyme Road Police and Fire Headquarters will produce roughly 73,961 kilowatt-hours annually to offset electricity use on site, with any excess being fed back to the grid to benefit surrounding businesses and residences. The array was designed in three sections to accommodate the different roof surfaces, with two sections of ballasted arrays on the flat rooftops, and 34 of the panels on the sloped shingle roof facing the road. While most of the array is hidden from view, the 34 panels framing the entrance to the public safety complex will serve as a visible symbol of Hanover's commitment to clean energy.

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