Sanborn Mills Farm – Loudon, NH

By the numbers:

System size:  62.73 kilowatts (193 solar panels)

System output:  70,163 kilowatt-hours/year

CO₂ reduction:  68,759 pounds/year


Sanborn Mills Farm is a nonprofit organization in Loudon, New Hampshire, that focused on authentic, hands-on education in craft and traditional farming. Hoping to education and inspiring future generations with tools of the past, their commitment to empowering young and old now includes teaching about sustainability and renewable solar energy that powers the farm.

Working with our Brentwood, NH, team, Sanborn Mills Farm installed a 62.73 rooftop array across several of its buildings. The 193 solar panels produce over 70,000 kwh of solar energy every year, offsetting nearly 69,000 lbs. of carbon emission pollution.

This project was financed through a Power Purchase Agreement, meaning Sanborn Mills Farm paid no upfront costs to install the solar panels. Instead, an impact investor pays for the upfront cost through a tax equity fund managed by ReVision and the farm buys the solar power generated by the array each month at a lower cost than what it pays for power from the grid. After the first five years of the Power Purchase Agreement have elapsed, the farm can opt to buy the solar array from the investor (at a significantly reduced price) and own all the solar power generated outright for decades!

Explore more photos of their solar project installation and gorgeous facilities below.