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Limestone Water & Sewer District | Limestone, ME

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    Limestone Water District Solar

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A large group attended a tour on March 14 of a solar array recently installed by ReVision Energy to help offset costs to the Limestone Water and Sewer District. Photo Courtesy of Chris Bouchard with The County.

The 618 kW solar power system for Limestone, ME will eliminate over 735,000 pounds of carbon pollution every year.

Installed in late 2018, the Town of Limestone was already seeing savings, by March 2019. Via The County , the 1,728 panel solar array ReVision installed in Limestone, Maine this winter is producing electricity above expectations. The PPA project was funded upfront through ReVision by Aligned Climate Capital , allowing ratepayers to begin saving immediately:

The Water and Sewer District, a quasi-municipal entity based in Limestone, already has saved more than $3,000 on energy costs with the solar panels in just three months, according to one official's estimates.

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