Christ Church of Dartmouth – Hanover, NH

ReVision co-owners installing solar panels on the roof of the Christ Church of Dartmouth.

By the numbers:

System size:   25.1 kilowatts (62 solar panels)

System output:  44,200 kilowatt-hours/year

CO₂ reduction:  42,154 pounds/year


The Christ Church at Dartmouth College (CCDC) has stepped up their sustainable practices by offsetting a portion of their electrical usage with rooftop solar panels. Our Brentwood, NH-based team designed and installed their 25.1 kilowatt grid-tied solar electric system on the roof of the church.

When the sun is shining, the 62 solar panels produce clean, solar electricity that is either used in real-time by the church, or fed back to the grid where it benefits the community (and earns the CCDC credit).

Each year, the system will generate roughly 44,200 kilowatt-hours (kWhs) of electricity, offsetting the equivalent of over 77,752 miles driven in a gas-powered car.

To see what the system is producing, both today and across its lifetime, click here.

More photos of Christ Church of Dartmouth’s solar project: