Cheney Insurance – Damariscotta, ME

In 2017 Cheney Insurance installed a 40.8 kW grid-tied solar electric system on the roof of their office in Damariscotta, Maine. Every year, the 136-panel array will produce roughly 43,010 kilowatt-hours of sustainable electricity, offsetting the equivalent of driving over 78,000 mils in a gas-powered car.

The owner Dennis Hilton applied the same investigative approach for which his insurance company has gained its stellar reputation to determining how a solar array might help his business. The resulting array meets the average energy demand for the company, making their building effectively 100% energy independent.

System size: 40.8 kilowatts (136 solar panels)
System output: 43,010 kilowatt-hours/yr
CO₂ reduction: 45,290 pounds/yr