Bayside Bowl – Portland, Maine

Bayside Bowl Invests in Solar to Become a Shining Beacon of Sustainability

Bayside Bowl, Portland’s premier bowling alley, undertook an expansion in 2016 that has set a high bar for bowling. They are now home to 20 lanes, four full bars, an award-winning kitchen, an old school arcade, live music, and a rooftop bar complete with a taco truck. In addition to the new amenities, Bayside Bowl now has a 422-panel, roof-mounted solar electric system overlooking the Back Cove that will offset an estimated 34% of its current annual electric consumption. The 112 kW solar array was designed and installed by ReVision Energy, and patrons of Bayside’s rooftop bar can enjoy views of solar and the city.

Co-owners Justin Alfond and Charlie Mitchell, and their dedicated staff, have created one of the best bowling venues in the country, but they felt that a better commitment to the environment was the one piece still missing from the Bayside Bowl experience. They saw the opportunity to grow, and share their commitment with others, Justin explained.

“Our expansion gave us another perfect roof to place solar arrays on and we are so excited about our investment. The home run for us is we will be able to showcase our solar arrays to our customers.”

Charlie and Justin are proud of the company culture and community that has developed since 2010. As Justin remembered, “Bayside Bowl started with the goals of bringing together a community around great food, drinks, bowling, and music.” Now, with their new expansion, they are proud of their decision to go solar, and excited to be producing clean electricity.

Bayside Bowl is leading by example in an area of downtown Portland that is poised for dramatic growth and revitalization, and their investment in sustainability will pay dividends for years to come. As the only bowling alley on the Portland peninsula, Bayside Bowl’s expansion will join them with the multitude of other local businesses who are choosing a future of energy independence.