New England Solarize Programs

Solarize New England, Solarize our Future

Newmarket.351Wadleigh.1-copy.jpgReVision Energy is building our renewable energy future through local Solarize campaigns. To achieve our vision of a clean environment and just society throughout New England, ReVision partners with towns in Maine, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire to bring solar and complimentary clean energy technology to communities through local Solarize programs.

These programs are designed to support local solar efforts by offering group discounts to residents and business. The cost of solar technology has dropped 75% in the past ten years, which - combined with the Federal Tax Credit and certain Solarize discounts - make a solar-electric house more accessible than ever.

ReVision has taken part in numerous Solarize programs over the years, and we are proud to be selected to help run these important initiatives.

The factor most likely to inspire someone to go solar is seeing their neighbor do it, and these Solarize campaigns are extremely effective at getting communities excited about solar. Solarize programs connect communities to strong incentives and benefits, reducing some of the financial barriers that can stand in the way of folks going solar.

While we strive to offer incredible support and competitive pricing to every customer on a daily basis, seeing communities band together to support solar is incredibly exciting and shows all the positive energy associated with the solar industry. Each Solarize program is different and unique to the community it serves. However, the goals are the same: solarize New England communities for the betterment of all.

Benefits of Going Solar through a Solarize Program

In addition to the discounts and incentives available through your town's program, transitioning to solar through a Solarize programs grants you all the individual and communal benefits of going solar:

  • Solar is an economic opportunity – you can lock in a low price of electricity for 30+ years, while enjoying a significant return on investment thanks to solar technology’s reduced cost, financing options, and reliable performance.
  • Solar builds a better world for our kids and grandkids – solar is an abundant resource, and the most promising technology for transitioning humankind from fossil fuels to a clean energy economy.
  • Solar grants you energy independence – installing solar will make you less reliant on the power grid and on non-local energy sources.
  • Solar is just the start – solar power is versatile. It can work on your roof, on the ground, or in the town over, and can heat and cool your spaces when combined with heat pumps. It can charge your vehicles and power your home in the case of an outage.

How do Solarize programs work?

Solar Array On The Roof Of The Stone Church In Newmarket, NH Solarize programs nationwide are designed to drive costs down for solar by hyper-focusing on a particular town or area and offering group discounts to residents and businesses who go solar during the campaign period.

Usually, a group of passionate volunteers from a certain town or geographical area will partner with us on a Solarize program. Typically the group - the Town Energy Committee, or local Sustainability office – chooses a solar installer to work with on the campaign.

When ReVision is chosen as the installer, we work with the volunteers to spread solar in the area – we run events, educational programs, neighborhood meetups. And we offer a discount for residents who choose to go solar in the Solarize program's timeframe.

Past Solarize Experiences

Since 2013, ReVision Energy has had the honor to manage several successful Solarize programs across a broad geographic range. Our first was Solarize Kearsarge where we partnered with Vital Communities to install solar on 38 homes in the towns of Andover, New London, and Wilmot, New Hampshire. Solarize Kearsarge, like all of our Solarize programs, came together because of an incredible team of volunteers who helped organize rallies and other events in their community.

In Maine, our first campaign was the community-organized Solarize Sacopee, which was a direct partnership between ReVision Energy and the Ossipee Towns for Sustainability. Rather than many models where installers compete in an RFP process, we worked directly with the nonprofit to coordinate the launch of a website, intake of interested homeowners/businesses, community events, press, etc. We worked on a similar arrangement for Solarize Brunswick, Solarize Central Lincoln County, and SolarUp Chester-Derry, a campaign similar to the Solarize model but rolled out for specific New Hampshire communities. 

We've taken part in over 20 Solarize programs around New England, and are excited for the upward momentum we are seeing from Solarize programs currently running.