CSF Ownership vs. Subscription

Community Solar: Ownership vs. Subscription Models

At ReVision Energy, we build ownership-model Community Solar Farms, which give you the full benefits of going solar without having to install solar on your roof or property. 

streamside CSF sunsquatch.jpegIn an ownership-model, the full benefits of the solar investment go to the individual members of the community solar farm. Members are eligible for the residential solar federal tax credit, which is available at 30% for our upcoming solar farms. They also experience greater long-term savings than those in a subscription-based CSF.

Some folks come to ReVision already part of a community solar option, usually through a utility. While these subscription-model programs can be a great way to gain some financial advantages, they do not offer the full benefits of solar. Luckily, you can still join an ownership-model CSF with ReVision.

Here are some more detailed answers to common questions we get about this issue:

I’ve already signed up for community solar through my utility. Am I part of a Community Solar Farm?  

No. You are enrolled in a subscription-based community solar farm. 

You have chosen an alternative supplier through a subscription-based community solar farm share. In doing so, you have entered a low-commitment contract with a supplier at no upfront cost.  

This allows you to save 10%-15% off your annual electricity expenses, while also securing “greener” energy sources. This is a great way to explore the benefits of renewable energy, without having to make an upfront investment.  

However, you do not see the full financial benefit of going solar.  

How can I gain the full financial benefits of solar if I can't install panels on my roof or property?

Go full solar through an ownership-model community solar farm!

Community solar farms (CSFs) offer offsite clean energy generation that allows you to fully benefit from the advantages of going solar. ReVision builds large, consumer-owned solar farms anywhere within your utility's territory.  

Here's how it works:

  • You would make an upfront investment and become a part owner of this farm. This allows you to qualify for the federal tax credit and reap 100% of the financial benefit of going solar (compared to the 10%-15% from subscription farms).  
  • Your solar farm share is an asset that you own. It’s also transferable. If you move out-of-state, you can sell or gift your share to someone. You can also leave it to someone in your will.  
  • If you move within your utility territory (if you change apartments, or buy a house in the next town over, etc) your solar farm share travels with you. It’s linked to your utility account, not a piece of property. 
  • You achieve the same environmental and financial benefits as if you had solar panels on your roof.  You can achieve 100% energy offset and optimal economics and production since we are not limited to the size/orientation of your roof. This is a great option for people who do not own their roofs (condominiums or rented apartments), or people with site feasibility issues (shading, roof age, orientation, roofing materials, etc.) 

How do ReVision Energy built CSFs differ from other community solar options?

Ownership-model community solar farms allow you to support a 100% employee-owned company. Your farm is for local communities, built by locals. 

We take pride in building our farms using the most sustainable practices possible.  We work with local land owners to responsibly develop suitable land so that it benefits the land owner and supports them financially.

Through our land lease program, we develop solar farms with a focus on:

ReVision has been building solar farms in New England for over ten years— including the very first community-owned solar farm project in Maine! — and are comprised of over 400 employee-owners who live and work in our local communities. By joining an ownership-model community solar farm through ReVision Energy, you’re ensuring that your energy savings are pushing forward the local clean energy movement and supporting local jobs in the process.