Woburn & Westfield, MA

ReVision Energy - Woburn & Westfield Branches

Formerly Sunbug Solar

ReVision Energy added two new Massachusetts locations this year, with our acquisition of Sunbug Solar. A fellow B Corp and Amicus Cooperative member, Sunbug Solar has 14 years of experience installing and maintaining solar projects in the Bay State. With this acquisition, ReVision is growing in scope and talent, and can provide a comprehensive range of solar and clean energy solutions to more communities in MA.  

Woburn Branch:


2A Draper Street
Woburn, MA 01801
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Phone: (617) 500-3938
Service Line: (207) 747-0076


Westfield Branch:


66 Westfield Ind Park Rd
Westfield, MA 01085
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Phone: (413) 884-1000
Service Line: (207) 747-0076


Our Woburn and Westfield offices are open 9:00am - 5:00pm. 


Joining Forces to Serve More of Massachusetts

As ReVision continues to grow, we have been looking for a strong, mission-aligned solar partner to join forces with, and found one in Sunbug Solar. Since 2009, Sunbug has served residential and commercial customers in Massachusetts, providing best-in-class solar solutions while navigating the complexities of the state’s rapidly growing renewable energy landscape. 

Joining forces with Sunbug benefits existing and future customers in Massachusetts. The Sunbug team brings with them resources and positive, impact-driven business practices that will support the growth of our work in Massachusetts and beyond. Together, ReVision and Sunbug will grow access to solar and home electrification, and bring the benefits of clean energy to families and communities in MA.

Why ReVision and Sunbug?

sb+re-logo-lockups_stacked-black.pngTogether, ReVision and Sunbug bring our range of all-electric technology – solar energy, heat pumps, heat pump water heaters, battery storage, and EV chargers – to residents and businesses across Massachusetts. Collectively, our teams have over 30 years of experience installing high quality electrification projects.

Sunbug and ReVision are both Certified B Corps and members of the Amicus Cooperative, with a proven record of high-quality installations and excellent customer service.  

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