Commercial EV Charging Stations

Expert EV charger system design backed by 20+ years of experience and unmatched local knowledge.  

The shift towards electric vehicles is accelerating; by 2032, there will be 32 times more EVs on the road. 

Installing EV charging stations sets your business apart, enhancing the experience of both your customers and employees. 


Ganske_EV CHargingsmol2.jpgWe provide reliable Level 2 and DC fast charging stations. Our team handles project design, installation, and service. We aim to maximize ROI by optimizing both capital and operational costs while also supporting 100% tax incentive compliance. 

With over 20 years of experience and hundreds of installations, we have a deep understanding of EV charging. Our policy advocacy, local knowledge, and relationships with utilities and permitting bodies smooth out the process. We have our own workplace and fleet charging at our branches, showing that we practice what we preach. Not to mention our public chargers score a perfect 10/10 on PlugShare for user satisfaction. 

Montville-51.jpgBoost your commitment to the environment with EV chargers. 

2 in 5 millennials and Gen Zs have turned down a job because it didn’t align with their values. 3 in 5 millennials and Gen Zs are willing to pay more to purchase products or services from environmentally sustainable organizations. Show consumers, employees, and stakeholders that your business is committed to a clean energy economy.  




Get a solution that is specific to the unique needs of your business. 

We tailor the project to your needs, using projected revenue estimates, thorough tech vetting and selection, utility rate analysis, software setup, and tax incentive assistance to deliver top-quality installations. 

Photos-185 (2).jpgSave time and money knowing we’re handling the details. 

You’ll have one point of contact for your entire project. Our team handles in-depth service and maintenance. It’s a hands-off process for you, from start to finish.  

Work with a company that supports your community and shares your values. 

No surprises. We pride ourselves on honesty and integrity. We’re a Certified B Corp, 100% employee-owned, licensed, and insured. Feel confident you’re making the best choice for your business and community by partnering with us. 


EV Charging Case Studies

Workplace EV Charging

As more Americans embrace electric vehicles (EVs), businesses are installing workplace EV chargers to incentivize employees who drive electric.

Providing EV charging at your workplace sets your business apart, addressing the challenge of retaining and satisfying employees. This aligns with the growing trend of incorporating strong ESG values into organizational culture, directly contributing to employee happiness, job satisfaction, and retention.

By making EV charging visible and offering it as a perk, the workplace is promoting the adoption of EV technology — which is significantly cleaner than the burning of fossil fuels for transportation — and furthering its sustainability goals. Workplace EV charging not only caters to practical needs but also promotes sustainability, reducing carbon footprints and enhancing brand image. 

Public Charging 

Chargepoint-kennebunk-1-300x300.jpgPublic charging stations are appearing in great numbers across the US, and remarkable progress has been made in the past few years.

In 2018, the US had around 16,000 public charging stations, and that number is growing quickly. For comparison, there are over 100,000 gas stations throughout the 50 states, but with EVs, most of the “fueling” is done at home or work for commuting. The growing public charging network will extend drivers’ battery range, or even enable long-distance travel.

By joining the transition and providing EV charging as a perk for your customers you can increase visits to your business. Businesses that offer public charging will be listed on the free app, PlugShare and Google Maps, through which a large market of users can easily find and review charging stations. This directory leads EV drivers to discover new businesses, like your own, that they love to support while topping off their vehicle’s battery.

Unlock a range of incentives at municipal, state, and federal levels to significantly reduce the expenses associated with developing and installing public charging stations. ReVision is here to assist you in navigating and leveraging these incentives as you explore hosting public charging (link to incentives page) 

Fleet Charging

EV-charger-with-two-pole-mounts2.jpgIt’s another huge opportunity to install chargers to power your company fleet. Electric vehicles are a great choice for fleet vehicles because 1) electricity costs roughly 1/2 that of gasoline (and is even cheaper when connected to solar power), 2) the vehicles need comparatively little maintenance — no fluid change, less brake wear, and 90% fewer moving parts! That means that EVs spend more time on the road and less at the dealership. Switching to EVs means you can enjoy serious financial savings while also going greener.

Available Equipment

Electric vehicle charging equipment is categorized in one of three categories, based on the speed of recharge:

  • Level 1: Delivers about 5-8 miles of range for every hour. Every EV ships with the basic charging plug, and while it is conveniently able to plug into any 120V outlet, this is also the slowest method of charging.
  • Level 2: Can deliver about 25 miles of range per hour of charging. For the vast majority of businesses, Level 2 charging is the right option.
  • Fast Charging: Recharges at a rate of around 150 miles of range per hour. Remarkable time benefits, but is by far the most expensive option.

Incentives and Resources

Thanks to numerous federal and state incentives, transitioning to electric is more affordable and beneficial than ever before. Check out our Commercial EV Charging Incentives Guide that we regularly update for businesses, or visit these national resources:

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