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EV Charging Case Study: Kittery

Electric Vehicle charging is spreading across New England, making it easier to drive electric and reduce our dependency on fossil fuels. Through a combination of federal grants and state efficiency programs, ReVision Energy has been selected as the designated installer for many of these charge ports, and we'd like to highlight some of them in this column. 

Town of Kittery: Public, Workplace, and Fleet Chargers Installation

clipper kittery.jpgIn 2021, ReVision Energy and Central Maine Power (CMP) embarked on a unique pilot program together: a 60-port level 2 make-ready utility pilot. This initiative aimed to demonstrate the value of a utility-based Level 2 infrastructure project to the Public Utilities Commission (PUC). As part of this pilot, ReVision Energy installed four 32A Level 2 chargers at Kittery’s Town Hall, utilizing Enphase HCS-40R units.

These chargers were installed across two pedestals, each featuring two basic chargers. The installation serves the public, the town's employees, and the town's fleet, enhancing accessibility to electric vehicle charging for a broad range of users.

This utility pilot project, which covered 14 sites across the state from Kittery to Saddleback Ski Area, leveraged the utility subsidy and ReVision Energy's construction expertise. ReVision was CMP's sole source installer for this project.

The Kittery project is in line with the Regional Sustainability and Resilience Program's aims, a collective effort established in 2019 by various towns including Kittery. The program focuses on improving community resilience through coordinated climate action and sustainability efforts. The success of the Kittery EV charging project proves that regional cooperation is effective and creates a potential model for utility-backed EV charging ventures.

Town of Kittery PlugShare Comments:

“Was great and easy to use! Quick walk to the outlets. 2 open spots when I got there.”

“Outstanding 2 units for the public on the right. Just north (across from) the police station entrance.”

“Thank you, town of Kittery!”