New Solar Canopy is Perfect for Carport, Outdoor Living Space & More

Brooklyn Solar Canopy is a flexible multi-purpose solar structure.

ReVision is delighted to announce its new partnership with The Brooklyn Solar Canopy Co., enabling us to offer the best solar canopy on the market at very competitive pricing.

Although originally designed for flat roof installations in New York City, our engineers came up with the innovative idea of attaching the canopy supports to our standard earth groundscrews. This ultra-durable approach makes it efficient to mount a Brooklyn Solar Canopy anywhere in New England where we can deploy our Pauselli 900 earth screw machine.

Our traveling model of the solar canopy is smaller than the installed product, but even this smaller version that serves as an illustration can easily fit a vehicle underneath!

Our Persistent Search Paid Off

Our hunt for a great small-scale residential and commercial solar canopy goes back several years.

The need is clear — rooftop installations can be impossible or undesirable for a variety of reasons, and not every site can sacrifice physical space on the ground for a ground-mount array. A solar canopy overcomes this challenge by putting the solar panels up in the air, freeing the space beneath for uses like parking, picnic tables, or stacking wood!

Traditional carports/canopies tend to be very large in scale and do not work well for small installations due to the site-specific engineering and geotechnical work required for each project. We have looked at several wood-constructed post and beam structures and they proved to be challenging due to cost and construct-ability (specialized tools and construction techniques).

A Versatile Solution

Enter the Brooklyn Solar Canopy. The overall design is resource efficient which means it has a minimal cost premium vs. other ground-mount unions. At the same time, its unique truss design means that the canopy is able to span distances up to 22′ (longer in regions with lower snow load) — making it suitable for a variety of use-cases.

Check out this video overview of the Brooklyn Solar Canopy!

Since launching in 2015, the Brooklyn Solar Canopy has garnered several top architecture industry awards for both the functional and aesthetic elegance of its design. These include top category honors from Interior Design Magazine, Architizer, The Architectural Record, and the Architect’s Newspaper.

By combining these solar canopies with a screw-mount attachment, this results in a very non-invasive installation that does not require excavation or concrete work. The only excavation required is for any underground conduit run to connect the array to the electric service!

If you’ve been interested in solar but struggled to figure out where to put it, a solar canopy may be for you. Get in touch to learn more!

Email us at [email protected] to see how a Solar Canopy will work for you.