Meet solar farm host Peter Curra. A solar farm helps stabilize costs his working family farm.

Community solar farms (CSFs) allow you to go solar without having panels installed at your home or business.

Shady roof? No problem! Rent? This is for you! Now you can access the full benefits of solar wherever you are.

In solar farms, we build and operate a large-scale solar farm at an ideal solar location. All power generated from this facility feeds into the grid, which is then distributed to its members.

You receive a credit on your bill identical to your share of the power generated by the solar farm, saving you money and reducing your carbon footprint.

Currently available in Maine.

Own Your Solar Community Solar Power

Graph showing electricity costs over 35 years for CSF models compared with expected utility costs.We currently offer a ownership model for community solar which offers the same financial benefits of having solar on your rooftop, in contrast to a popular subscription model now offered by out-of-state developers, which requires less upfront investment but results in far fewer financial benefits.

Essentially, subscription-based community solar is just ‘renting’ your power, like subscribing to the utility, versus truly owning your solar power.

While there are valid reasons to sign up for a solar farm subscription (and either solar option beats dirty grid power), our ownership model presents the strongest financial return to the solar farmer. By owning your solar, the vast majority of energy savings returns to you, rather than out-of-state solar project developers.

Subscribing to vs. Owning a Community Solar Farm Share

Solar Subscription (others offer) Owning Solar (our offering)
Anyone in Maine can join Yes Yes
Upfront investment Usually nothing Purchase – which you can finance
Who takes tax credit Developer does You do
Who benefits from Renewable Energy Credits (RECs)? Developer does You do; sold to offset maintenance costs
Price fluctuation Yes – Rate for subscription varies based on going grid price No – modeled price locked in for lifetime of system (either purchased outright or financed)
Portability Can unsubscribe anytime Share moves with you, or can sell to a new solar farmer and recoup some of your investment
Maintenance Covered in subscription fee Covered in O&M agreement
Built by a Maine company Unlikely Yes
Customer support reaches Someone not in Maine A Maine-based employee-owner
25-year cost of electricity 13-cents or more (locked to discount on utility rates which will rise) 10-cents or less (fixed price life of system)

Learn about how local landowners also benefit with community solar here, and for any questions you may have, check out our Solar Farm FAQ, or just get in touch with one of our designers below.

ReVision Energy’s History with Community Solar

large scale solar project in maineAs a New England-based company with over 15 years experience building solar in our region, we are excited about the policy passed in 2019 that makes solar farms viable in Maine.

We built a number of projects — including the very first community-owned solar farm project in Maine — under the previous generation policy, which limited participants to only 10. Though we’re proud of the work we did, and of the landowners and homeowners who were able to go solar thanks to those projects, it’s fair to say the 2019 legislation was a game-changer. Under the new policy (which eliminates caps on the # of solar farm participants) it’s just as affordable to purchase a solar farm share as to install solar on your roof or in your yard.

Jennifer Tuttle and David Kuchta of Portland have owned a share of our Flag Pond CSF since 2018 and David says their share offset more than 95,000 lbs. of carbon in the first year.

“It’s a major investment with a steep learning curve, but once we walked ourselves through the math, my wife and I realized what a no-brainer it was economically. Once our solar loan is paid off, we own our own power, and our total electricity costs will only be a small CMP delivery fee. Our solar loan is less than what our average monthly electricity bill was — and is fixed-rate.”

The electricity generated from Jennifer and David’s share offsets their air source heat pump, heat pump water heater, and electric vehicle charging.

“So today, we drive to and from work, heat and cool our home, heat our water, and keep our lights on with energy from the sun. We love that we are supporting a local business and providing extra income to a local farmer while simultaneously saving us money and helping heal the planet. Most importantly to us, we have a teenage daughter who is both scared and excited about her future. She’s too old to be picked up when she’s frightened. This is our way of letting her know we are doing our best to give her the future she dreams of.” 

Today, the convenience of community solar (portability and no need to find a place for it on your roof or in your yard!) makes it an incredibly compelling path to go solar and enjoy all the financial savings commensurate with owning your own solar power.

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