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Curravale Community Solar Farm | Knox, ME

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The Curravale Community Solar Farm is a 1.95 Megawatt community solar project installed in Knox, ME by ReVision Energy. The 5,200 solar modules are expected to produce 2.365 kilowatt hours annually. The project serves 214 members, who live around the state, from southern Maine to Belfast, all in Central Maine Power territory.

The solar far is situated on top of Knox Ridge on a sloped, 10-acre piece of farmland owned by vegetable farmer Peter Curra. The field used for the solar project was a little too wet to grow plants on, so it was not much of a sacrifice to dedicate it to another use.

"This project in Knox is a great example of how solar projects can provide the benefits of clean energy directly to Maine. As Maine moves toward using 100 percent renewable energy, reducing the use of fossil fuels, and growing a strong clean energy industry, we applaud everyone involved in this project for showing how solar delivers direct benefits to towns, businesses, and Maine people.” – Dan Burgess, Director of Governor’s Energy Office

All solar farms developed by ReVision Energy keep the benefits of solar power local and invested in our communities, as well as helping local Mainers who host the solar farms, like farmer Peter Curra, the land owner of the Curravale CSF. 

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