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Community Solar Farms are Coming to New Hampshire

We’ve been designing, building, and managing Community Solar Farms (CSFs) in Maine for over a decade; we currently maintain 20 public CSFs owned by families across Maine. State policy in New Hampshire hasn’t been as solar-friendly, but the climate crisis isn’t waiting for legislation. If we’re going to reach our climate goals and keep our planet livable, we need more people to abandon fossil fuels and shift to renewable energy. We know rooftop solar doesn’t work for everyone, so we’re bringing community solar to New Hampshire.

Meg-promotes-ReVision-Energy-CSF.jpegStarting in 2024, ReVision will be offering ownership-model CSFs to the public in New Hampshire, expanding access to Granite Staters who are interested in solar but can’t have it on their property. Renters, condo owners, and homeowners with shaded properties or difficult roofs can now all receive the same benefits from a solar investment as someone with a traditional rooftop array – including taking advantage of the 30% Federal Tax Credit.

The Basics

  • 1.4 megawatts: ReVision's first residential CSF in New Hampshire will also be the largest in the state, with enough energy to offset the annual needs of over 200 families. 
  • We will start construction on the array this summer and expect it to be delivering clean solar energy to the grid - and bill credits to customers - in 2025.
  • The array will be built on top of the Town of Jaffrey's capped landfill. 
  • Any Eversource New Hampshire utility customer can purchase a share in this CSF.

Solar for Locals, Built by Locals

peterborough-nh-public-library-solar-768x545.jpgRooftop array on the Peterborough Town LibraryReVision Energy has a long history of building solar in the Monadnock region. From large municipal arrays for the City of Keene, to smaller commercial projects like the Peterborough Town Library, Camp Glen Brook, and Monadnock Food Co-Op, to our Solarize Monadnock program in 2019, the Monadnock region has been making huge strides in the clean energy transition.

Our first-ever residential Community Solar Farm in New Hampshire will be located on the Town of Jaffrey’s capped landfill. Solar arrays are a perfect way to repurpose old landfills, which often cannot have anything else built on them, and Jaffrey is a state leader in this type of re-use project. Any Jaffrey resident interested in purchasing a share is guaranteed a spot in this CSF; just reach out before the end of April 2024.

Jaffrey CSF Site Map.jpgSite map of the Jaffrey landfill arrayReVision employee-owners live, work, and enjoy the sun across New Hampshire. By joining a sustainably-sited community solar farm through ReVision Energy, you’re ensuring that your energy savings are pushing forward the local clean energy movement and supporting local jobs in the process.

Benefits of Joining a CSF: 

  • You (the owner) receive the full financial benefit of the federal tax credit.
  • You lock in the lowest 25-year cost of power by buying at a fixed price.
  • You receive long-term support and maintenance from a local New Hampshire company (that's us!)
  • You can purchase upfront or finance with our lending partner and a $1,000 deposit.

How do I pay for my Community Solar Farm share?

streamside CSF drone.jpgYou can either pay for the project upfront, or take out a solar loan. Similar to any other home-related loan, solar loans enable a homeowner to finance a home solar project by borrowing money from a lender. A solar loan grants you ownership of a share that provides you with significant long-term savings, even as you pay off the loan.

Solar loans also grant you access to several financial incentives, such as the 30% Federal Tax Credit. With certain loan options you can actually swap out your monthly electric bill for a loan payment, enabling you to go solar at no upfront cost.

Join ReVision’s First New Hampshire CSF

Because this is one of the first-ever CSFs in New Hampshire, we are expecting shares in this project to sell out quickly. If you’re interested in learning more about a share – what size you would need, how much it costs, and more about how it works – fill out the form on our CSF page or send us an email: