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#BtheChange: Justin Stafinski and Crew Partner with Guatemalans Guatemalan Locals

ReVision is proud to be a Certified B Corp, a business that has been independently verified to meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency. But B Corps are more than just a certification - they are part of an international movement to demonstrate that businesses can be an instrument of positive change.

This new series, #BtheChange, celebrates the employees at ReVision Energy who live out B Corp values on a daily basis.

Today's feature: Justin Stafinski .

This past summer, our IT Manager, Justin Stafinski, led a team of 20 from Eastpoint Church down to Guatemala, where they partnered with the Centro Cristiano Cultural de Guatemala in the coastal village of La Curvina, Monterrico, where the beaches are beautiful, and the locals are joy-filled and friendly!

Each team that partners with CCCG builds an on-going relationship with a local village and has the opportunity to return year-after-year to witness the growth and change in that place (and it's people!) over time. In Monterrico, Justin & Crew focused in on three areas:

1. Construction of water filters (The public water "system" is non-existent, and clean water is difficult to obtain - any pipes you see that carry water likely come from or go to the ocean) and eco-stoves (which are environmentally friendly and keep the smoke out of homes). Both efforts do a lot to improve health and living conditions for the residents of La Curvina. 2. Medical care - their team of nurses & CNAs provided care to over 100 patients per day in cases ranging from preventative medicine to minor surgery. 3. The Kids! CCCG's core mission focuses on the kids, and so do the teams who visit! Eastpoint taught health classes with engaging activities, and always ended the day with some good 'ole fashioned games!

Justin Fixes PC In Hot Classroom

In the midst of everything, Justin found a brief respite in a 100-degree computer lab-to-be for local elementary school students, where he setup a basic computer network to connect donated machines to the internet (a resource which is prohibitively expensive for many in La Curvina), a shared printer, and one another for classes and training! He even found a dinosaur (erm, Windows XP machine) in the process, and made it work!