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#BtheChange: Trevor Nelson Honors a Friend in Volunteer Trip to South Africa

ReVision's Trevor Nelson embarked on a special trip to South Africa this February. The voyage was in memory of his friend, Nick, who passed away in October 2016.

Trevor and 19 other friends and family members of Nick's traveled together with the goal of giving back to a place Nick traveled to and volunteered in, himself. Nick felt strongly that childhood education was the key to a better future for the world. He often volunteered his time to help young students study, work through problems at home, or simply just to shoot hoops with them.

In Nick's spirit, the crew's volunteering focused on classroom tutoring with pre-school kids, as well as the rebuilding or repairing of homes in Kurland Village. Beyond helping students with English and math, the crew also made time to improve their playgrounds - they even built an entirely new playground. What's more, they pooled resources to sponsor a local track star, and quite a few pre-school students for their school-year needs.

South African Landscape
Along with many gratifying days of volunteering in the community, they also made sure to enjoy the beauty and culture of South Africa - hiking, sailing and tasting wine! Trevor noted that South Africa is still experiencing a troubling drought, like never before, and in this uplifting experience he was reminded of his part in the fight against climate change.
Trevor and his companions are grateful for the support that made their trip a reality, and they are thrilled they accomplished even more than they set out to!