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We Have a New B Corp Score!

We've been mission-driven from the start, and our B Corp Certification, much like the "Fair Trade" symbol for coffee, is a way of validating those efforts. The B Corp symbol designates companies that are prioritizing people and the planet over profits, and embodying our values in every aspect of our business. We're honored to have been in the top 5% of B Corps worldwide for the past 4 years, earning us an additional recognition as "Best for the World" due to our sustainable business practices and commitment to our workforce.

Smudge BCorp"Being a Certified B Corp is incredibly important to our co-owners, our customers, and our broader community," said President and Co-Founder Fortunat Mueller. "It reflects our deeply held commitment to the idea that business has an opportunity - actually an obligation - to be a force for positive social change in the world. We are inspired by the incredible growth of the B Corp movement, both in our local communities and globally, in the eight years since we first became certified and are excited to continue to grow and strengthen that community."

Our B Corp certification requires us to recertify every three years. This B Impact Assessment consists of several hundred questions related to how we serve our diverse stakeholders and put into practice our commitment to using Business as a Force for Good. The questions are broken into five categories: Workers, Community, Environment, Governance, and Customers.


We're excited and humbled that this score puts us in the company of some absolutely incredible businesses we look up to and admire, such as Patagonia at 151.4, and we've now set our sights on eventually reaching the very best for the world, like Dr. Bronners at 177 and our good friends at South Mountain Company at 184. This is the best type of friendly competition! 

"Certification, and re-certification, is a really substantial effort," acknowledges Fortunat, "but it's also an amazing opportunity to put into practice the idea of measuring what matters and striving for continuous improvement. I hope that everyone at ReVision feels incredibly proud of this really impressive score and the progress it reflects for our employee-owned company. I also know that employee-owners share my commitment and my excitement about continuing our work to broaden our positive impact on each other, our customers, our communities, and the planet."

For more information on B Corp Certification, explore the website.