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B Corp Month 2023

Every March we gather virtually with 6,000 other Certified B Corps worldwide to celebrate B Corp Month. We love using business as a force for positive social change and want to show other businesses and consumers the importance of the B Corp Certification.  

It's Important to the World

b corp score.pngWe recertify every 3 years. This is a big undertaking, requiring us to measure air quality, submit financial reports, prove we’re sourcing sustainably, and much more. Last year we recertified at our highest score ever – 150! This puts us in excellent company with some of our favorite fellow B Corps: Patagonia has a score of 151.4, Dr. Bronner's is 177, and our fellow Amicus member South Mountain Company is at 184.

It's Important to ReVision Employee-Owners

With our certification, we get to meet and work with mission-driven companies from all over the world! Through our B Corp work, we've been able to partner with: 

lukes lobster revision van.jpeg“The folks that come to work for ReVision really want to make a change. Being a B Corp, showing that we put people and planet before profits, being an employee-owned company, is huge. It says we care about the earth and we care about our employees.” —Amy, Solar Designer

It's Important to Customers 

We've been mission-driven from the start, but the B Corp Certification is a third-party label clearly proving that we care about the planet, our people, and our local communities. We're not just another solar company knocking on your door looking to make a profit; we're in this work, and in this beautiful region, for the long-haul. And that matters to customers. 

Michele Solar"ReVision is a B Corporation, and employee-owned. Those were huge factors for me. I was able to have my dollars speak strongly to my values and I feel great about that." —Michele, Solar Champion

“Sales, office, and installation staff were all very cool to work with. Plus, they are such a great company. B Corp and everything! Highly recommend.” —Jesse, Solar Champion  

SolaratHome-50.jpg"ReVision Energy’s B Corp culture helps them focus on high quality customer experience. There are no perverse incentives to cut corners to pad the bottom line!" —Bob, Solar Champion

"Sunbug was an absolute joy to work with . . . On top of it all, they are a B Corp, so you can feel good that they meet the necessary standards of environmental and social equity. Would definitely recommend to anyone in the Boston area looking to go solar." —Benjamin, Solar Champion (that's right, our new Sunbug teammates are also coming from a Certified B Corp!)

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