Solar Partnerships

ReVision Energy Launches Fund to Help Nonprofits Tap Solar Energy

Bristol Consolidated School is open to Pre-K through 8 students and serves the town of Bristol, ME. 266 panels on the roof of the school produce over 92,500 kWh of electricity annually, reducing total CO2 released to the atmosphere by about 97,400 lbs per year.

Via MaineBiz and B the Change : ReVision is pioneering in the world of solar impact investing, installing equipment at no cost for schools, nonprofits and municipalities and providing a modest reward for investors interested in accelerating the clean energy economy. Co-founder Phil Coupe explained to MaineBiz:

"Our 'impact investing' approach is designed to appeal to investors who want to do well by doing good - that is, we give them a way to put their money to work that earns a modest return, but also creates the layered social benefits of helping nonprofits become more economically and environmentally sustainable, reducing carbon pollution and accelerating the clean energy transition by placing solar on highly visible community institutions."