Solar Partnerships

ReVision Energy Joins PAREI in Bringing Solar to Low Income Homeowners PAREI Logo

ReVision Energy is proud to support a new initiative by the Plymouth Area Renewable Energy Initiative (PAREI) called NH Solar Shares , which aims to bring the benefits of solar power to low income families in the Plymouth, NH region.

Due to the way traditional rooftop solar works (you need to own your home and have access to financing), it's been tricky to make the benefits (reduced and predictable energy costs) available to Low and Moderate Income (LMI) families. The NH Solar Shares program offers a model to increase access to solar PV energy for those families who face the ongoing challenge of juggling the costs associated with meeting their basic needs, including utility bills.

The organization will fundraise for and then commission the construction of community solar PV arrays. In this context, "community" means the projects will be installed on donated land, with 100% of their power sent back to the grid, with their benefits distributed to local low income families through virtual net metering (they will see discounts on their electric bill directly).

Sandra Jones, Co-Director of Plymouth Area Renewable Energy Initiative

NH Solar Shares plans to install its first solar PV array on land donated by The Common Man Family of Restaurants ( for whom ReVision has developed a number of solar arrays ), on a south facing hillside on North Main Street in Plymouth.

A number of community partners - ReVision Energy included - have come forward to support this innovative and important community program. The New Hampshire Electric Cooperative (NHEC) Foundation is donating matching funds, up to $10,000, for all money raised during the month of October through a GoFundMe campaign.

Local Effort, National Recognition

NH Solar Shares was chosen as a team in the highly competitive national Community Solar Challenge being organized by the Department of Energy's Sun Shot Division.

As part of this award, Solar Shares received $10,000 in technical assistance to help get the new program off the ground. The goal of NH Solar Shares within the national challenge is to build three solar PV arrays ranging in size from 25 - 50kW in communities served by NHEC by October, 2018. If the goal is met, the program will be eligible for large cash prizes.

ReVision Energy is pledging substantial support to this project through the New Hampshire Community Development Finance Authority tax credit program. This program allows businesses who donate to a qualified cause to receive 75% of their contribution back as a tax credit, e.g. a $100k donation generates a $75k state tax credit.

Interested businesses can join in and learn more at: credits/current-projects