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Old Laptops for New Mainers

Laptop Donation Program Open August 2020

ReVision Energy running laptop drive to get technology to New Mainers via Welcoming the Stranger.

For the month of August, ReVision Energy will be receiving used-but-not-used-up laptops for asylum-seekers distributed via Welcoming the Stranger , a grassroots project that matches mentors with asylum-seeking families to help them integrate into the Greater Portland, Maine community. In an era where "everything is online" and access to computers at public spaces like libraries is unavailable, having home computing power is an important bridge to accessibility.

Computer donations will be taken at our South Portland showroom , see details for drop-off below.

Looking for:

  • Mac or PC is fine
  • If the computer is so ancient you're debating taking it to the dump, it's probably too old!
  • Computers will be wiped, but if you're squeamish about personal data you are welcome to wipe the machine first. All personal data should be backed up prior to donation.
  • Laptops preferred (not desktops or monitors, etc). Do bring its charger!
  • We don't need smartphones.
  • Donation receipts will not be offered.

Drop-off details:

  • Donations accepted at our South Portland facility, 758 Westbrook St. South Portland, ME 04106. Use our main glass showroom doors at front.
  • Donations received 11am - 1pm Tuesdays and Thursdays, through the month of August. Please respect these time windows as our office team is limited due to Covid-19.
  • Mandatory face-coverings to enter the building. There will likely be a ReVision Energy co-owner at the reception desk but please give them appropriate social distance. The box for receiving donations will be clearly marked and will not require you to interact with a person. Please do not stay longer than necessary in the showroom, to respect our team's safety.
  • If you would like to donate outside of these hours, drop a line to Fred Greenhalgh, [email protected] to see if we can accommodate you.

Thank you for your support!