Solar Partnerships

#BtheChange: Dan Weeks and the Nashua Soup Kitchen & Shelter

Dan Weeks started volunteering with the Nashua Soup Kitchen & Shelter (NSKS) when he moved to Nashua 4.5 years ago, joining the Monday breakfast shift and organizing a spring volunteer day with his alma mater. He's been a regular ever since.

Once Dan joined ReVision as Director of Market Development, he started thinking about his favorite nonprofits that he wanted to see go solar, and before long he and NSKS Executive Director Michael Reinke got to talking about the possibilities.

Through a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), NSKS was able to acquire clean, renewable solar electricity at zero up front cost with an option to buy the solar array in the future at a significant discount from the initial system cost. In all, three sections of solar panels were installed at the downtown facility, totaling 131 panels.

Nashua Soup Kitchen And Shelter

"It's especially gratifying to me, as a local resident and Soup Kitchen volunteer since 2013, to see this nonprofit benefit from clean solar power and pass the savings on to folks in need in our community," said Dan.

On February 9th, State Senator Bette Lasky and Nashua Mayor Jim Donchess joined in with Dan and NSKS for the official ribbon cutting - and now NSKS is on its way to saving thousands every year.