Staff Picks: Indigenous Rights & LGBTQ+ History Month

October holds an important place on the calendar of national events: LGBTQ+ History Month, Indigenous Peoples’ Day, and gearing up for election day on November 7th.  

Vote for Justice 

Revision-vote-for-justice.pngIn 2020 ReVision launched our Vote for Justice campaign, to empower and educate voters on climate justice issues and make it easier for people to vote. We’re constantly updating our webpages so you can find state-by-state breakdowns of voter registration links, absentee ballots, and other resources.  

In Maine we’re supporting a Yes vote on referendum Question 6 to print the full Maine Constitution and support the Wabanaki Alliance. The state’s treaty obligations to the Wabanaki Nations are currently left out of the printed Constitution; this would ensure transparency and accuracy in the relationship between the Wabanaki and the State of Maine.  

Staff Picks:  

There are a lot of good resources out there around Indigenous Rights and LGBTQ+ history, so we asked ReVision employee-owners what they’d recommend. From books to podcasts to TV shows and movies, here are some Staff Recs for October.

This Land


"This Land is an incredible podcast for education/learning about indigenous history and policy.” -Lindsay B., Policy and Government Affairs

“Rebecca Nagle's This Land podcast looks at Indigenous history and rights through the lens of two recent landmark Supreme Court cases. Season one addresses Indigenous land rights by examining the 2020 McGirt v. Oklahoma decision and the second season outlines how the far right is using Native children to quietly dismantle American Indian tribes and advance a conservative agenda in the 2023 Haaland v Brackeen decision. Both seasons are incredibly intriguing listens.” -Stacy B., Climate Educator  

Sunlight Media Collective

(media library)

"This organization documents and presents stories affecting Wabanaki people and highlights the Wabanaki perspective. These stories are at the intersection of environmental justice and Tribal sovereignty." -Anna F., Commercial Operations

Braiding Sweetgrass 


"A non-linear journey through the natural world. Weaving Indigenous wisdom, mythology, and modern science into the tale of our relationship as humans in this vast, resilient, and beautiful world." -Andrew H., Solar Design



“As prior service, TransMilitary was something I really wanted to see and I was not disappointed. I think it would be hard enough to be LGBTQ in the real world but to be LGBTQ in a world that is led by misogyny, xenophobia, bigotry, and ethnocentrism, and at the same time be a leader trying to change the world for future LGBTQ people. It's inspiring to see such strength against odds that would make many walk away.” - Judy N., Engineering

aleagueoftheirown_poster.jpgA League of Their Own


"Abbi Jacobson's fun and heartwarming adaptation of the classic movie really lifts up the experience of women and queer people in the 1940s." - Jill M., Marketing 



"This stars Ayo Edebiri and Rachel Sennott, Kaia Gerber, Marshawn Lynch, and Ruby Cruz to name a few! Bottoms is hilarious, original and shows a bright future for films based on the queer experience. Bottoms will leave you walking out of the theater laughing at its ridiculousness but in the best way! It's the classic feel of the American High School coming-of-age experience but with a more modern twist that is not afraid to make fun of itself!" -Vanessa B., Operations

Can Everyone Please Calm Down: A Guide to 21st Century Sexuality (book)

"Written by comedian Mae Martin. It's kind of an anti-guide guide to defining sexuality and how everyone can just like, chill out a bit about it all because it's beautiful and not at all scary." -Joel A., Sustainability