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ReVision's 20th Anniversary Celebration Powered by All-Electric Trucks

Last month ReVision Energy gathered all 400+ employee-owners at Camp Modin in Belgrade, Maine, for our annual meeting. However, this year wasn't just a regular annual meeting - because ReVision was founded in 2003, we're celebrating 20 years of installing clean solar energy!

We celebrated two decades of growing our business and spreading our solar powered mission to communities all over Maine, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire. Every employee-owner at ReVision turned on their "out-of-office" email notifications and came together to appreciate how far we've come and look forward to many more years of fighting the climate crisis together. 

company photo 2023 modin.png

After a day of awards, camp fun, and the graduation of our latest cohort of ReVision Energy Electrical Apprentices, we gathered on the main lawn. We enjoyed local food trucks (including solar-powered, fellow Maine B Corp Luke's Lobster) and live music, culminating in a sunset concert by The Mallet Brothers. 

revision lightnings mallet brothers.pngThe stage and sound system for the entire day was powered completely by our fleet of all-electric Ford F-150 Lightning trucks. We had charged them at our solar-powered offices ahead of time, meaning this entire event was put on, essentially, by the sun. How else would we celebrate 20 years of local solar energy?!

Stage lights, portable stage hydraulics, a fog machine, amps, the sound board, and more all fed off the 120v power outlets coming from the "frunk" (front-trunk) of six Lightnings. The trucks' batteries ran the sound check and over 5 hours of music by three different bands. This took about 20 miles of range off each truck's battery (which has a full range of 330 miles). 

EV powered revision energy celebration.jpeg

"The trucks only lost about 15-25 miles of range depending on what they were powering," explained Chuck Hayward, our EV analyst. "The one powering the speakers lost the most. From a 90% charge, I drove 100 miles, powered the sound boards throughout the evening, and still had 45% of the battery left when I got back to the office." 

The best part? The truck batteries also powered coffee makers in the morning when our co-owners-turned-campers woke up. 

Enjoy some more photos from our celebration:

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