EV Updates

Electric Vehicle Updates

We're heading into a New Year and we have a lot going on in the EV world, from new pilot programs to local charging stations. Below, Director of EV Innovation Barry Woods updates us on matters both local and national.

Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill Sends EV Charging Money to States

While many of us were disappointed by the ongoing delays associated with the Build Back Better bill, we do have immediate cause to celebrate. The bipartisan bill passed by both houses and signed into law by President Biden contains many transportation infrastructure provisions, including $15B for EV charging infrastructure.

We see Maine and New Hampshire receiving about $19M each from this fund and Massachusetts getting $63M, with additional funding available through a competitive federal grant process. These represent significant financial boosts designed to assist all states in growing their DC Fast Charger networks as well as fund Level 2 charging programs. For most states these monies will flow through their Departments of Transportation but further details are pending.

Charging infrastructure growth is critical to hastening the transition to plug in vehicles, creating jobs and slowing the impact of climate change. The Build Back Better bill is equally important for the work it would do in leveling the playing field with subsidies on many classes of electric vehicles. Please reach out to your federal delegation to ask that they also support this vital piece of legislation.

Ev Charging Sm

In partnership with Flex Charging, ReVision has been awarded funding to help Efficiency Maine Trust pilot the Onboard EV Charging Management program in Maine. By simply using the FlexCharging phone app platform to connect with the existing manufacturer's vehicle network (like GM's Onstar, Tesla, Nissan) EV drivers can participate in a study that monitors charging behavior and helps manage charging to minimize carbon emissions and charge off-peak. We are looking for 40 current Maine EV drivers at single family residences with basic chargers who might be interested in joining the pilot.

We are still working out details but there will be a modest financial incentive and an opportunity for you to help move the ball forward in learning more about charging behavior and how phone app technology might be used to harness charging's significant grid benefits. Please contact us if you're interested.

Falmouth Police Department Goes Electric

We want to thank the Falmouth (ME) Police Department, and its Chief John Kilbride and Lt. Jeffrey Pardue, for being one of the first police forces in our region to start electrifying its light duty fleet and set itself on the road toward decarbonization. They even hosted a ribbon cutting to celebrate the start of this transition away from fossil fuels. They recently purchased a Ford Mustang Mach-e and added four level 2 chargers to their fleet parking area, incentivizing further expansion of both workplace charging and police vehicle use.

Rather than burning gas while idling, officers can bask in the warmth provided by a lower cost, zero-emission battery system, while saving the department money and eliminating carbon emissions. Falmouth PD estimates it has already saved 3000 gallons per year with other hybrids and used its fuel budget savings to offset the cost of the chargers in conjunction with a charging station subsidy from CMP and electric vehicle rebates from Efficiency Maine Trust.

ReVision partnered with CMP to perform this installation, one of the first of 60 plugs as part of the utility's first make ready infrastructure pilot program, installing chargers across the state at public and private host sites. This pilot, like many in other New England states, will become a test case for larger utility investment in helping to accelerate public charging infrastructure across their service territories. Just as importantly, Falmouth's experience with EVs will inform other police departments and strengthen its reputation as a leader in public safety and contributing to a healthy community.