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EV Charging Case Study: ReVision Energy Headquarters

Electric Vehicle charging is spreading across New England, making it easier to drive electric and reduce our dependency on fossil fuels. Through a combination of federal grants and state efficiency programs, ReVision Energy has been selected as the designated installer for many of these charge ports, and we'd like to highlight some of them in this column. 

Solar-Powered EV Charging: ReVision Energy Headquarters, South Portland

In 2023, ReVision Energy overhauled the EV charging system at our South Portland headquarters so that we could test technology we hope to eventually bring to our customers. We are currently using twelve Level 2 32A Evercharge networked units capable of load management features. These chargers are partially powered by our rooftop solar array.  

ben joslin_edits.jpgThis switch aimed to streamline and expand our charging capabilities without having to increase the size of our electrical service. Evercharge's technology stands out by allowing power sharing based on existing electrical loads. This enables more ports to leverage limited power by distributing it according to the number of vehicles and their respective charging needs over time.  

In addition to improving reliability, the new networked chargers are easy to repair, and provide hosts with valuable insights into charger usage, electricity consumption, and fleet management. This will ultimately allow us to install large multi-port projects elsewhere, serving both the public and workplace charging needs. 

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Comments from PlugShare: 

“Great company. Many chargers here.” 

“The wall mounted chargers are active and ready to go!”