Solar Champion Stories

Massachusetts Team Adds New Employee-Owners

Our North Andover branch may be our newest branch, having opened in 2017, but it's growing rapidly. Meet some of the newest employee-owners below. They sound pretty cool —  do you want to join them? We're hiring!  

Aidan Travis, Solar Advisor 

Aidan Travis Website Profile Picture.jpgWhat does your job entail?

I help people understand what a renewable energy transition could look like for them by reaching out to start a dialogue, answering and asking questions about their goals and expectations, and modeling initial system designs. 

Why did you apply to ReVision Energy?

I wanted to work in the renewable energy industry because we desperately need to diversify how we generate our electricity for the health and well-being of the planet and all the people on it. My vision and goals aligned perfectly with ReVision's and I knew that it was the place for me.

What's your favorite part of the job so far?

The best part about working here is by far the people. I would have never imagined having such a supportive and hard-working team around me. Everyone I work with is constantly willing to help educate me on what I don't know and help me become the best version of myself. I couldn't be happier. 

Lisa Scott, Customer Experience Manager

lisa scott.jpgWhat does your job entail? 

I help customers throughout their projects from contract, to permitting with their city or town, interconnection with their utility, and incentive application at the end of the process. I also serve on the Branch Management Team with the goal of successful operation in a welcoming, collaborative environment.

Why did you apply to ReVision Energy? 

After learning of ReVision Energy at a presentation by Malcolm [Sonnett, Branch Sales Manager] in 2018, I quickly became a fan of the company because of its mission and values. “Maybe someday I can work there,” I thought. After buying a home with my partner Dave in 2020, I was again impressed by the company’s approach when we explored the prospect of installing solar on our roof. I signed up for the newsletter, read Phil’s Rational Cause for Optimism column, and became a groupie.

What's your favorite part of the job so far? 

2022 turned out to be the “someday” that I started working at ReVision Energy, and I am grateful. It’s not easy to pick just one favorite thing about working here because it checks a lot of boxes for me. I get to work with all these awesome people, and dogs, and help with the energy transition. 

Ted Aransky, Solar Design Specialist 

Ted.jpegWhat does your job entail?

My job is to provide helpful information to people on what transitioning to cleaner, more efficient energy production and use could look like for their specific situation and goals. I provide a pressure-free environment for clients to learn what they need to know, to make an informed decision about what is right for them.

Why did you apply to ReVision Energy? 

I knew it was time to dedicate myself to helping the environment.  When a friend told me about ReVision Energy, I went to the website to learn more. What I found was a company that clearly had its priorities straight. It really came down to a line I read which was something like "we put the environment and people before profit." I was sold!  

What's your favorite part of the job so far? 

Hands down, fellow employee-owners! I have never worked with so many authentically nice people in my life! Not sure how ReVision finds these people, but man, it's really cool! 

Katrina Staaf, Community Engagement Coordinator

katrina blog.jpgWhat does your job entail? 

I am working to ensure that ReVision has a strong presence and impact across the range of communities we serve in Massachusetts. My focus is on developing mutually beneficial relationships with organizations that share our values and priorities. I find myself in a sort of design thinking role, interpreting how marketing efforts can best support the needs and goals of the multiple teams within our MA branch. While focused on partnerships, I'm also building awareness of ReVision in MA through content writing and other support for additional aspects of marketing — it’s all connected!  

Why did you apply to ReVision Energy? 

After working exclusively in the public sector (first in municipal government, then with nonprofits through AmeriCorps), I thought I'd probably stay there. But I was also open to something different: while all my past roles have been arts-focused, I got to do a lot of dabbling and learning in other areas, and issues of climate change became increasingly important to me. As I job-searched with a wide lens, using "community engagement" key words, I found my now-role at ReVision! I felt immediate alignment with the job and company descriptions, and after reading into the B Corp distinction, I knew this wasn't too far out of my wheelhouse - I had to apply. 

What's your favorite part of the job so far? 

The ease and enjoyment of collaborating with ReVision co-owners cannot be overstated. I've never before experienced a culture where there's such genuine, shared commitment to kind and supportive teamwork. Coming from smaller teams and organizations, I really appreciate getting to collaborate with a large and growing number of phenomenal co-owners. A close second-favorite part is learning about and connecting with more and more of the outstanding organizations that are leading the charge on environmental protection and justice in Massachusetts.