Tiny Climate Classroom Hits the Road

Tiny Climate Classroom Travels New England, Bringing Climate and Solar Education to Everyone

At ReVision Energy, one of our core values is learning; we want to equip everyone, young and old, with the knowledge and skills to change the world. Last year we launched to help families and educators teach kids about the climate, and we are excited to follow that up with the debut of our Tiny Climate Classroom.

MicrosoftTeams-image-66-450x600.jpgWe partnered with Tiny Homes of Maine to build out one of their Allagash models and outfit it with all of our solar technologies: rooftop solar panels, a heat pump, and battery back-up. We then worked with local Maine artists Rachel Gloria Adams and Ryan Adams to custom design and paint the interior mural, integrated with hands-on activities for both kids and adults.

“I thought about bringing the outdoors indoors. The sun is the central focus of the mural and you see how the sun not only energizes the solar panels but everything it touches. By using geometric forms to depict a natural environment it is as if it has been filtered by human hand or machine just like the energy systems.” —Rachel Gloria Adams (pictured right)

This Earth Month, Sunsquatch and the Tiny Climate Classroom are touring New England, bringing fun climate education everywhere from Blue Hill, ME to Dracut, MA. After April, the Tiny Climate Classroom will be used for school field trips, camp sessions, solar ribbon cuttings, and more, usually accompanied by Sunsquatch. Sunsquatch is on a mission to inspire hope, and help build a brighter future for everyone.

MicrosoftTeams-image-63-450x600.pngWe’re focused on STEAM education, blending science and art to bring climate awareness to our communities. Last year we partnered with UNH Sustainability Fellows (read more about our amazing summer fellow Lila), to create custom curriculum that brings fun activities, focused on climate topics, to K-8 audiences.

Many homes and businesses have clean energy technology, but understanding their components, being able to physically touch them, and featuring them in the wider context of climate education is an important tool in combatting the climate crisis. The Tiny Climate Classroom will spread awareness, hope, and sunshine around New England and we can’t wait for you to see it.