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COVID-19 Protocols: Our Commitment to Our Community

As ReVision Energy and our local communities continue to make positive progress in reducing the case count, hospitalization rates and general harm of the Covid-19 pandemic, we will to update our COVID-19 policies to maximize the safety and comfort of our co-owners, clients, and communities. We are always focused doing the right thing for the greater good which maintaining the viability of our employee-ownedB-Corp solar company and our extended Solar Champion Community.

We are constantly re-evaluating how ReVision Energy can best continue to support the social and economic stability of our communities by helping residents, businesses, and municipalities go solar safely, while adhering to state specific guidelines. In cases where states have provided different levels of guidance, we have chosen the most stringent in line with our general focus on safety and excellence in everything else we do.

Our COVID-19 Response Actions

In 2022, we will continue to monitor and adjust our approach to maximize the safety of our employees, our clients and the public.

Current COVID-19 Policies:
  • Our offices remain closed to the general public. If you would like to speak to a ReVision solar specialist, please contact us and we can set that up!
  • We are continuing to limit access of ReVision buildings and property to only essential install and warehouse personnel. Customer support roles have been and will continue to be working safely from home.
  • We are continuing to offer virtual solar evaluations so clients have the choice to receive a project proposal from ReVision without having someone visit their home or business. We are offering in-person solar evaluations, as well, with safety measures and masking options (detailed below) that your Solar Design Specialist will discuss with you ahead of the visit.
  • We are continuing to implement health and cleaning practices, such as disinfection/sanitizing of surfaces in our trucks and facilities, adhering to CDC guidelines regarding hand-washing, sanitizing, social distancing, and disallowing anyone with symptoms or risk of exposure from coming to work.
Current Masking Policies:
  • Effective March 10th, 2022, mask use is recommended, but not required in Revision Energy owned facilities or vehicles, acknowledging that:
    • Some co-owners will choose to continue to wear masks in interior locations, vehicles or others, and we respect and support those individual choices.
    • Masks are no longer required in vehicles with multiple passengers.
    • Masks are no longer required in interior offices, warehouses or meeting rooms.
  • While ReVision Energy policy no longer requires mask use, we acknowledge our customers are critical to our employee-owned business’ success, and we want to be respectful of individual customer preferences or requirements. Accordingly, we are implementing the following policies to ensure the comfort of our customers and community.
    • ReVision Energy co-owners and personnel will always “meet our customers where they are,” by asking them their masking preference and meeting their requests.
    • For all Site Visits, Installations or other customer facing activities, our teams will ask the customer if they would like you to wear a mask.
    • If our customer responds affirmatively, all ReVision personnel will be wearing masks during 100% of client interactions. If customers are uncomfortable or change their mind at any point of the interaction, our teams will be happy to oblige and put on masks.


New Challenges, New Changes, & New (Solar) Champions 

2021 was different from any year we’ve faced so far. Thanks to the patience and support of our employee-owners, our customers, and our amazing solar community, we were able to adapt to the challenges and continue our mission to build a better, cleaner future for all. We masked up, reimagined site visits, and though every project required new logistics, we completed more residential and commercial than ever, and did so as safely as possible.

We received nothing but ecstatic feedback from our new and existing customers in 2020, and we’re looking forward to continuing our safety protocols for 2022 projects.

“The crew that I worked with at Revision was very professional and prompt, they were clear on what they were providing, and easy to work with. The crew during COVID was really good and careful about wearing masks, and we talked outside when we needed to.” – ReVision Energy Heat Pump Customer

“We chose to go with Revision energy because they offered the most concise preview of what the installation process would look like along with a very realistic timeline. As it turned out, the solar system was installed during the times of covid-19 and the staff at Revision energy worked closely with us to understand modified timelines and covid-19 protocols. Communications, coordination and follow-through with Revision energy at top-notch!” – ReVision Energy Solar Panel Customer

Our dedicated employee-owners appreciate our safety policies and guidelines as well, knowing that we are all part of the same community and that we all have friends, families, neighbors, and loved ones that we want to keep healthy.

“Wearing a mask can be a pain but at the end of the day I’m happy our company is taking the precautions so we can all make it home safe and sound.” – Jeff, Co-Owner & PV Crew Lead

“The safety protocols have worked and besides this time of year the masks help keep you warm!” – Connor, Co-Owner & Installer

We’re Here for You

We are here for you, though we’re keeping our safe distance! If you have any questions or concerns regarding a current or future project, please don’t hesitate to reach out. The health of our customers and community is our top priority, and we are happy to accommodate any safety request during site visits, installs, service calls, or other in-person events (even Sunsquatch will maintain their distance). Virtual site visits and other adjustments can be made for any solar project.

We hope we can be a community resource during these times, and keep the solar movement shining in a way that keeps us all healthy, happy, and smiling! Stay connected with us, whether it’s through our Facebook group, or other social media platforms, and we’ll all make it through this together.

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