National Apprenticeship Week Job Fairs | Nov. 17 & 18

National Apprenticeship Week will be held November 15-21! This weeklong celebration allows labor and business leaders, educational institutions, and career seekers to support apprenticeships that prepare a highly skilled, diverse workforce to meet the needs of employers, and train workers across growing industries. At ReVision, we’re committed to bringing passionate people onto our team, and equipping them for a rewarding career in solar.

Of you weren’t able to join us for our two career fairs, you can still apply for one of our open positions and talk with a ReVision team member about the great career opportunities at ReVision!

Solar Resilience Webinars

Our Resilience webinar series focuses on how we can become more self-reliant in our homes and thereby make our communities more resilient in the face of health and environmental threats. Today’s robust solar technology, combined with efficient electric appliances and simple lifestyle changes, help maximize community resilience. Tune in to learn about a range of proven strategies!

Full archive of webinar events below!

Previous Resilience Webinars

Solar for Self-Reliance

Learn how you can harness the sun to power your home, ‘fuel’ an electric car and store energy in a battery for night time and grid outages. Reliable, modern clean technology like solar panels, heat pumps and batteries provide the ultimate resiliency package while reducing carbon pollution and our societal need to import dirty fossil fuels from away. ReVision Energy’s Jeff Cantara, a farmer and one of the most knowledgeable solar professionals in our region, discusses how people are making the cost-effective switch to solar combined with air source heat pumps for heating and cooling their homes. He also covers battery storage for backup power, and charging an electric car with solar to eliminate gasoline (50% of carbon pollution comes from tailpipe emissions).

Solar + Storage 101

Join ReVision Energy Battery Storage expert Kim Quirk for an overview of all things solar+storage! We’ll discuss how solar pairs with batteries, and the various options including the Tesla Powerwall and new offerings from Generac! There will be time for Q+A as well.


Solar Open House

Friday, April 17th, 11am-12pm

Our first-ever Virtual Open House! Solar Champion Dana Ward will discuss how he’s been able to drastically reduce his utility bills as well as his carbon footprint by transitioning his home to clean energy technology. On this virtual tour we’ll visit Dana’s air source heat pump, heat pump water heater, and solar electric system. Join us to hear about Dana’s journey to the solar lifestyle, and for a Live Q&A.


Maine Community Solar Farms

We just re-opened community solar farm shares for Mainers! Community solar farms (CSFs, or, solar gardens) make going solar possible for those who want clean energy but don’t have the ability to put it on their own roof or yard. ReVision Energy provides an ownership model of community solar, meaning, each participant in one of our solar farms actually owns a share of solar in one of the community projects, rather than participating as a subscription-holder. In this webinar, ReVision Energy co-founder Fortunat Mueller will be discussing CSFs with Solar Designer Chris Jones to dig into what this means for Mainers.

Solar House Tour

Solar Champion Nancy Vawter is powering her Dover, NH home with clean solar technology, and she’s going to take us on a tour of her house! Nancy will discuss how she’s been able to drastically reduce her utility bills as well as her carbon footprint by transitioning her home to clean energy technology. On this virtual tour we’ll visit Nancy’s air source heat pumps and solar electric system. Join us to hear about Nancy’s journey to the solar lifestyle, and a Live Q&A.

The All-Electric Household Virtual Tour

Thursday, June 25th, 6-7pm

Shawn and Alix’s home in Dover, NH is a perfect example of how to majorly reduce your carbon footprint and simultaneously lower your utility bills. They have air source heat pumps and a heat pump water heater, all powered by their rooftop solar system, so the energy from the sun provides their heating, cooling, and hot water! Join us for this evening Q+A to hear about their solar journey, get a tour of their home, and find out how you can save money and reduce carbon emissions by switching to the all-electric household model.

Community Solar Farms in Maine – with A Climate to Thrive

Wednesday, August 26th, 11am-12pm

Our renewed Community Solar Farm (CSF) initiative is off to a great start, as we have filled the first farm and are looking ahead to the next. We’re excited to share that our next CSF will not only be our largest solar farm yet, with likely over 100 members, but will be the first located in Versant (formerly Emera) utility territory. The site currently under development is located at the Eastern Maine Recycling center on Mount Desert Island, so for this webinar we are partnering with MDI-based A Climate to Thrive. We’ll be discussing the logistics of community solar, how it works for Mainers, and taking your questions live.



Virtual Solar Home Tour 

Thursday, August 27th, 1-2pm

“I don’t have a fuel bill. Not for my house or my cars. I’m a Mainer – I like to be self-sufficient. For me, solar is a no brainer – I only wish I could have done it sooner.” –Bob Morrison (full profile here)

Community Solar Q+A

Do you have questions about community solar? We are hosting a Q+A two of our solar farm experts. This webinar will be 100% question-based, so we’ll be tackling all of your questions live, such as:

  • What is the cost of community solar farm shares and how much will I save on my electric bills?
  • Where are the actual solar farms located?
  • How does our community solar farm ownership model work with CMP and Versant/Emera?

Municipal Solar in NH: Understanding the Changing Solar Energy Landscape

There have been a number of recent changes to New Hampshire state policy regarding large-scale solar projects. HB 315 passed recently, creating a lot of questions for municipalities about community power aggregation, the increased 5MW cap, and what these changes mean for net metering.

What does this mean for solar in your town or city? Join ReVision Energy’s Dan Weeks and John Branagan as they dive deeper into these topics and discuss practical applications for individual towns. They’ll be looking at community case studies such as Dover, Nashua, Keene, and Hanover, all of whom have successfully developed municipal solar here in the Granite State.

Town and city councilors, administrators, public works directors, and energy committees all play an important role in bringing solar to NH towns; everyone is invited to attend and participate in this Q+A.