Solar Installation in Williamsburg, MA

Located in the rolling hills of Hampshire County, Williamsburg, is known for its scenic Mill River views, vibrant community events, and the cherished Meekins Library. We're proud to have completed over 13 projects in Williamsburg.

We've worked hard to blend Sunbug's well-loved local presence with our broad capabilities to effectively serve Western Massachusetts. Our size allows us to offer a wide variety of services while still providing the close, personal support Sunbug has been known for over 14 years. Learn more about how Sunbug is integrating with ReVision

We offer a range of high-quality electrification solutions to residents and business-owners of Williamsburg: 

  1. Solar installation:

    Going solar in Williamsburg is a smart, rewarding investment. Our experienced team can help you navigate the ins and outs of your solar options, and help you meet your financial and environmental goals.

  2. Heat Pump installation:Upgrade your space with efficient heating and cooling systems that provide comfort year-round while reducing your carbon footprint.

  3. Battery Storage installation: Store excess solar energy for use during power outages or peak demand times, ensuring energy security and independence.

  4. EV Charging Station installation: Charge your electric vehicle at home or business with clean, solar-generated electricity.

  5. Heat Pump Water Heater installation:Install an energy-efficient alternative to traditional water heaters, using less electricity and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

What is the structure of Williamsburg's electric utility? Is it solar-friendly?

Williamsburg’s electrical service is provided by National Grid, an investor-owned company subject to state regulation. Regulated electric companies in Massachusetts must provide one-to-one net metering for residential solar systems sized up to 10 kW AC. Under this condition, all the solar power you generate as a Williamsburg homeowner is valued at the same rate, you'd be charged per kWh for pulling electricity from the grid. With a net metering cap rise on the horizon, the forecast for solar in Williamsburg is particularly favorable. 

Read more about net metering here. 

What incentives are available for solar in Williamsburg?

Homeowners in Williamsburg can take full advantage of federal and state clean energy incentives. For solar, these include a 30% federal tax credit and a 15% state tax credit (up to $1000) on installation costs. Massachusetts also offers exemption from sales tax associated with these costs, and from property tax on home value added by solar panels. Another state benefit is the ability to earn a Renewable Energy Certificate (REC) for each MWh generated by a home solar system. Many homeowners sell their RECs to utility companies, who purchase these certificates to meet Massachusetts’ Renewable Portfolio Standard. 

Read more about RECs here. 


What other clean energy technologies are incentivized in Williamsburg?

As customers of National Grid, Williamsburg homeowners are eligible for heat pump and energy storage incentives through the Inflation Reduction Act and Mass Save. Federal benefits for these additional technologies include a 30% tax credit on battery installation costs and a $2000 credit on heat pump installation. 

Through Mass Save, if you choose to heat and cool your entire home with an air-source heat pump system, you’ll be eligible for a $10,000 rebate. A partial-home rebate is also available based on system size (up to $10,000), and to income-qualifying homeowners, an enhanced rebate of $16,000 is available for both whole- and partial-home systems.  

If you choose to add battery storage to your solar system, you’ll be eligible to participate in Mass Save’s ConnectedSolutions. This program allows you to earn payback on supplying the grid with your battery-stored energy in times of peak demand, at an average of $1375 per year. Another benefit offered by Mass Save is the HEAT Loan: an accessible, interest-free financing option for batteries, heat pumps, and other energy-efficient upgrades (not yet including solar).

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