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IDEXX Laboratories | Westbrook, ME

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    IDEXX Solar Synergy Center

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    IDEXX Chargepoint Dual Charger

With more than 600 solar panels and 16 electric vehicle charging stations on its rapidly-growing Westbrook, ME campus, IDEXX Laboratories is walking the talk on environmental sustainability. The solar array, located atop the LEED Gold Synergy Center, will eliminate roughly 250,000 lbs. of carbon pollution each year from regional fossil fuel power plants and save IDEXX more than $500,000 in utility costs over the life of the system.

New commercial solar incentives in Maine , combined with a 26% federal tax credit and bonus depreciation, are helping local businesses achieve solar project paybacks of 5 to 6 years, and IRR of 12% or more. Modern solar panels come with a 25-year warranty and 40-year expected useful lifespan, which results in enormous utility bill savings over the life of a solar array, as well as significant reductions of carbon pollution.

As Maine's largest public company and a globally-competitive biotech business, IDEXX is focused on enhancing the daily lives and well-being of their ~3,000 Maine employees to attract and retain a talented workforce. On-site solar electricity and free electric vehicle charging for employees have both been extremely popular at the animal diagnostics company. Like many other great Maine-based companies, IDEXX is excited to help create the better future we know is possible for ourselves and coming generations.

In Spring 2020, IDEXX received emergency use authorization from the FDA for its rapid COVID-19 test for humans, which can provide results in 2.5 to 3 hours. Gov. Janet Mills has announced this excellent news as "a major breakthrough for the people of Maine."

IDEXX is preparing for and embracing an electric-powered future, recognizing that as more workers switch to electric transportation, workplace charging will become increasingly attractive. Few workplace initiatives offer such a win-win of employee satisfaction and environmental sustainability.

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