Today in the US Edition of the Wall Street Journal, an article about how appliances can be both energy efficient and good-looking.

Gwendolyn Bounds writes:

Say goodbye to the scary room, that dank, dark spot where boilers and water heaters work among the spiders, with human visits taking place only when something—”Honey, there’s no hot water!”—goes wrong. As a vanguard of homeowners invests in renewable energy and other high-efficiency equipment, they’re spiffing up the mechanical room and, in some cases, trying to make the air conditioner a showpiece.

… “The mechanical room is now like the wine room or the library,” says Stephen Bohner, owner of Alchemy Construction Inc. in Bayside’s Northern California neighbor, Arcata. He installed some of the Starrs’ equipment. Mr. Bohner says all of his new construction projects include renewable-energy equipment, such as solar. “If you are spending money on that stuff, you want to show it off.”

Gwendolyn goes on to confess that’s she a boiler junkie – as evidenced in this video:

Well, Bounds is in good company here at ReVision! Here are some examples of the mechanical work we do that marries form and function:

Randolph, NH - Solar Hot Water

Deerfield, New Hampshire - Solar Electricity



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