Exeter-based Project Manager Chris Lee talks about the work he and his crew did in mid-January for the Farmer household in Rollinsford, New Hampshire. This crew of seasoned solar professionals make it look (almost) easy!

We contacted Frances Farmer for some comments about her installation, she had this to say:

We chose to go solar because living in New England power prices continue to rise and the thought of being less dependent on rising power prices very appealing. A friend of my husband’s had your company install at his house and it was worth exploring possibilities on what amounts of solar power we could gain in our location. The free evaluation gave us the information we needed to make an informed decision on moving to the installation. To be even more independent, we will soon install a heat pump to fully get rid of our dependence of oil and kerosene.

The installers were very professional, personable, and knowledgeable when we had questions. We were impressed that they found a unique way to run the electrical conduit inside the house rather than on the outside where it would have been much more visible… very clever! ReVision looks at every install as unique and no job is the same as another.

We’re happy that we had decided to move forward and also install a Marathon water heater that was needed anyway when our other oil fired water heater broke. Our electric bills in this very cold weather are going out the roof so we can’t wait to see the solar get online and the difference it will make to our electric bills.

Thanks Fran, as well as our intrepid installers!