With the price of solar electric panels hitting record lows, we’re hearing from many existing customers who are eager to expand their photovoltaic systems to further cut their carbon emissions and electric bills. Below is such a system at the Vassalboro home of Michael Pomerleau, who recently doubled his system size, from 2.76kw to 5.5kw:


Vassalboro, Maine - Combo Solar Hot Water + Solar Power


Vassalboro, Maine - Combo Solar Hot Water + Solar Power

Michael is a huge solar energy enthusiast and accompanied the solar electric expansion with the addition of a passive solar sun porch which helps with home space heating (the home is already heated with a wood boiler). Completing the suite of active solar systems is a solar hot water system which provides up to 80% of his annual domestic hot water use.

The expanded solar electric system should produce 7.4 megawatt hours of clean electricity each year, an estimate Michael is able to verify using Enphase web-based data monitoring. Michael reports generating over 3 megawatt hours last year, and expects a bit more than double that this year. In a single sunny day he generated over 37kWh!

Below is a real-time monitoring of his system, captured around 10AM on a bright sunny day:

Michael Pomerleau Solar Data Monitoring

Michael reminds us that you don’t need to wait for summer – with long days and clear skies, spring is a wonderful time for solar!

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