Wells, Maine - Solar Electric
A 2kw ground mount photovoltaic system installed in Wells, Maine

ReVision Energy, in tandem with trade group MABEP and other partners in Maine’s renewable energy industry, is working hard for enactment of LD 761, An Act To Provide Rebates for the Purchase of Certain Solar and Wind Power Equipment.

The bill would extend Maine’s solar rebate program, which was inadvertently scheduled for termination in legislation passed last year due to a clerical error. But even though the termination was due to an error, our industry has to argue the merits of the solar energy program all over again.

If you’re a Maine resident, please contact your State representative and senator TODAY to request that they support LD 761, “An Act To Provide Rebates for the Purchase of Certain Solar and Wind Power Equipment.” You can click here to look up your legislators and their contact information. You can also see the specific legislators on Maine’s Energy, Utilities and Technology committee.

Action on this bill is expected as early as Thursday 3/24, so time is of the essence!

Here are some of the key talking points about the efficacy of the solar rebate program:

  • Support for energy independence and small scale renewable renewable rebates has been unanimous and bipartisan in the past.
  • The solar industry creates stable, good paying jobs in Maine.  A reliable rebate program is essential to creating a business-friendly climate. Businesses suffer when legislative snafus cause programs to end abruptly.
  • The solar rebate program has distributed $600,000 in rebates, spurring $6,000,000 in private investments in solar energy systems. This 10:1 private/public funding ratio is good for all Mainers because it reduces statewide fossil fuel dependence and keeps money in the local economy.
  • 40% of the cost of electricity is to pay for power lines used for transmission/distribution. Distributed generation options – i.e. grid-tied PV – are an important way to reduce the need to invest in expensive line upgrades over time.

One of the things we treasure about Maine is that politics are still local, and a few voices of support on this issue will make a tremendous difference when Maine’s legislature convenes to discuss the future of a state rebate program in Maine.

Please act today, and thank you!

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