ReVision Energy staffers and guests watch Mary Powell, CEO of Green Mountain Power

ReVision Energy staffers and guests watch Mary Powell, CEO of Green Mountain Power, which no longer calls itself a utility company, instead dubbing themselves an “Energy Transition Company.”
Mary’s keynote speech was a breath of fresh air, showcasing how a forward-thinking grid operator can pair renewable energy, energy storage systems, electric vehicles and other technologies to rapidly transform the grid in a way that benefits all stakeholders.
A stunning factoid: in 2015, nearly all of Vermont’s in-state net electricity generation was produced by renewable energy, including hydroelectric, biomass, wind, and solar resources. Vermont has among the highest per capita solar jobs in the country.
Green Mountain Power was also the first utility company to become a Certified B Corp.

The ReVision Energy family of solar professionals now numbers over 150 people committed to accelerating the clean energy transition.

We all gathered at our 2017 Annual Meeting, held this year at Alnoba, an uncommonly sustainable event space in Kensington, NH that is the centerpiece of a planned 400-acre net zero community where we have already helped build more than 100 kw of solar capacity.

Alnoba was built using recovered timber frames and is the first building of its kind to achieve the Passive Haus standard in the Northeast (designed by our friends at GO Logic). The campus also includes year-round food production, electric vehicle charging, leadership training and the wildly popular Farm at Eastman’s Corner gourmet food store.

Some of what we’re plotting for the next year?

  • We welcome aboard Barry Woods to direct our initiative in electric vehicle car charging infrastructure across the Northeast. With even BP estimating 100 Million electric vehicles getting on the road over the coming decades, New England will need highly technical problem-solvers to design and build the next phase of transportation infrastructure. ReVision Energy feels that electric vehicles are a natural add-on to our existing solar specialization and passion.
  • Similarly, we will be expanding our product offerings as technologies like solar plus energy storage advance. While regulators lag behind where the technology is, the disruptive changes caused by decentralized energy will continue regardless of policy especially as costs for solar + battery drop.
  • We remain deeply loyal to our home states of Maine and New Hampshire. That said, our B Corp / community focused, technical-expertise-driven business model is also a great fit to the booming solar market in Massachusetts, and you can expect to see more of us around the Northshore! Know someone who wants a solar job? See listings for over a dozen positions on our website.

…And then we got to the fun part. Bring on the tunes!

We closed the event with our second annual Open Mic, in which our intrepid team showcases skills from singer-songwriter to jammy funk to straight up rock and roll.

Will this lead to the follow-up to our video Cover of the Solar Pro? We sure hope so!

Our Liberty shop’s soulful band shreds out a funky celebration of solar power:

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