Durham, New Hampshire - Solar Hot Water and Solar Power
Over the weekend over 20 people came out for our open house at Charles Forcey’s home in Durham, which sports a recently installed solar hot water and solar electric system

As we’ve previously reported, New Hampshire’s solar hot water rebate program has been running low on funds, and we’ve just received word that only 48 spots are left for the $2,000 federal portion of the rebate.

Once these funds are committed, the average $2,600-$2,900 rebate is reduced to $600-900.

With oil prices what they are, and the generous 26% federal tax credit, solar hot water is still an excellent investment, however if you’ve been holding out for a drop in prices — don’t! The rebates will unlikely ever be this good again.

If you’ve talked to us before, or are interested in moving forward on a proposal, please contact us to get moving, and soak up those rays of sun!

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