Beachmere Solar - Ogunquit, Maine
The Beachmere Inn in Ogunquit, Maine uses solar hot water to decrease oil use, and a solar electric system provides 5-8% of energy use

The Beachmere Inn, a family owned and operated business in Ogunquit, is certified as an Environmental Leader due to its ambitious green initiatives.

Under the direction of owner Sarah Diment, the Beachmere is using compact fluorescent bulbs and environmentally safe cleaning products facility-wide.

In the summer of 2008, ReVision Energy installed 3 active solar hot water systems and a 5 kilowatt solar electric system. In the first two months of service, the solar hot water systems reduced oil consumption by 34%.

The solar hot water system pictured is for the 32-room main building. The other two systems generate domestic hot water in employee housing buildings.

The 5kW solar electric system covers 5-8% of the Inn’s total demand.

According to their website, more than 6,331 kilowatt hours of clean electricity have been produced by the solar array, eliminating 10,763 lbs of CO2 in the atmosphere.

UPDATE: The Beachmere Inn was recognized by The Maine Innkeeper’s Association in 2010 for their environmental efforts!


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