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Even with the heavy rainfall we received more than 100 people attended our Summer Solstice Grand Opening Event last Friday.

The grand opening was a chance for people to view our new showroom and to receive an understanding of our systems.

The Froling is hooked up and will provide heat for our offices and warehouse come winter. There is a 10 tube solar hot water collector array on display, as well as a solar hot water flat plate.

A Stiebel Eltron dual coil solar storage tank sits on the showroom floor and receives solar gain from evacuated tube collectors that are on our roof.

A SunPower solar electric module and inverter are also available to view.

Our showroom is open Monday through Friday 8:30am – 5:00pm. Appointments are not necessary but are suggested to ensure the best possible person will be here to discuss your solar energy or wood boiler needs.

The grand opening event was also a chance for community members to get to know each and other sustainable local businesses or organizations.

We are appreciative to all those who helped to make this event a success and would like to thank the Pete Kilpatrick Band, Allagash Brewing Company, Maine Mead Works, Local Sprouts Cooperative, Katie Made Desserts, Mad Girl World, MEBSR, Maine Green Building Supply, FW Horch Sustainability Goods, Reverb, Sierra Club, and Move On.

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