On this edition of the solar road tour we head to Waldoboro, Maine, a beautiful coastal community with real Maine character. Down the sleepy Bremen Rd you’ll find Donald Born, who installed a 2.76kw grid-tied photovoltaic system on his barn in August 2010. Since then, he reports having nearly eliminated his electric bill, receiving only the $8.43 CMP minimum charge each month to keep his power service activated.

We visited Don to talk about his system, why it made sense, what he likes about it, and to play ball with his dog.

After Don’s, we drive a bit further north to the Hope General Store, where owner Andrew Stewart is trying to foster a spirit of community at the historic small town centerpiece. Part of that spirit is a commitment to sustainability, embodied by the addition of a 4.6kw solar electric system. Andrew reports on how solar has reduced his costs as a business owner and is sparking conversation in this eclectic mid-coast community.

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Our visit to midcoast Maine wraps a great season touring Maine and New Hampshire. Prior episodes are up on our blog:

We hope to be back on the road next spring! See you then.

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These are great success stories. Thanks for sharing.

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