Paul and Maria Glorioso always knew that a solar energy system was in their futurePaul and Maria Glorioso always knew that a solar energy system was in their future. For Maria, a retired nurse from Andover, NH, powering her home with the sun was not only a major home improvement goal, but also part of a great passion for ecology and preserving the Earth’s bounty for future generations. Creating a home that reflected those values was a high priority. “We very proactively tried to make our house more efficient,” Maria says. “With insulation and geothermal heat to decrease our use of fossil fuels, the next step was solar.”

The Glorioso’s first contact with ReVision Energy stemmed from years back, touring the first solar array installed at nearby Proctor Academy. Maria’s participation in the Andover Energy Group,soon had her heavily involved in the Solarize Kearsarge campaign for which ReVision Energy was the installer partner. Having had the experience of speaking to Proctor, learning about solar energy systems up close, and impressed with the recommendations they received, the Gloriosos began to explore options and planned to move forward with a ReVision system for their own home.

Choosing a Mission-Driven Company

That ReVision shares the same mission and is a B Corp committed to reducing carbon pollution in the region, meant the Gloriosos could have faith in our company values. “When you’re engaging in a project like this, you want to know you’re working with a company that’s not just there for the monetary reasons,” Maria says. “You want to know that they’re reliable, and that their reputation precedes them. It’s because ReVision is who they are that we could obtain the goals we had. It’s very obvious that ReVision’s ethics are deeply embedded in the structure of the company, and that’s very important.”

In 2016, we worked with the Gloriosos to design and install a 14.18 kW solar electric array that Maria says will take care of the majority of their household needs, including geothermal heating.

 “We love the system. We were very excited about having it installed,” Maria says. “Watching the crew through the installation, and the care that they took, the love that they have for the job, and the exuberance they have for the work, it’s very reassuring that you’re getting a job well done.“

Now, with the solar array up and running for just about 4 months, the Gloriosos have produced nearly 5 megawatt hours of clean electricity, already enough to have saved 7,644 lbs of carbon pollution. For the Gloriosos, solar is their contribution to a better, healthier planet. Not only that, but their renewable energy investments have also allowed them to take control of their energy future. “We have better control over the power we’re using and where it comes from.” Maria says. “It’s nice for us to know that we’re a little more independent.”

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