Time: 4PM – 6PM Wednesday, March 21st, 2012
Location: 14 Terra Way, Falmouth, ME (Map and Directions)

Join us the afternoon of Wednesday, March 21 from 4-6pm at 14 Terra Way, Falmouth, ME for a tour of the home’s solar systems and wood boiler.

Installed are (3) Solene solar hot water collectors providing primarily for the domestic hot water, with back-up coming from the wood boiler. A high efficiency gasification wood boiler heats water in a custom built storage tank, distributing heat through out the house. There are also (24) 230 watt grid-tied solar electric panels providing on average 598 kWhs of electricity a month.

This is your chance to see three amazing technologies at work and to have an expert from ReVision answer any questions you have about renewable energy. The event starts with a meet and greet at 4PM, followed by a tour of the system and informal presentation.

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