South Berwick, Maine - Solar Hot Water
On average a domestic solar hot water system will save an oil-burning household 300 gallons of heating oil each year.

Dick and Nancy Crowley were interested in why their current system did not seem to be producing adequate hot water for more than a couple showers per day.

After looking at historical fuel usage, we found that the boiler’s high mass combined with its inefficient tank-less coil meant a summertime efficiency of roughly 8 percent!

Using the Sun to Shut the Boiler Down

ReVision Energy’s experience installing solar hot water systems to replace the tank-less coil configuration has shown that the majority of the oil burned throughout the summer simply goes up the flue, or heats the basement.

In the Crowley’s case this meant that for every gallon of oil used to heat water for showering and dishwashing, roughly 12.5 gallons were lost to boiler standby.

ReVision custom-designed a solar hot water system using an Apricus 40-tube collector for primary domestic water heating, with an electric element for backup on cloudy days.

Let the Sunshine Spill!

On a good sunny day the solar collector harvests enough energy to raise the tank by about 67 degrees. The boiler now sleeps through the summer months, and is only called to heat the house – its intended function. Dick commented after the ReVision crew had completed and commissioned the system- “I’ve never taken a hotter shower than I do now!”

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