Bowdoin, Maine - Solar Space HeatAs the principal of Emerald Builders, Reggie Lebel is well aware of how the decisions made when building a home dictate its energy use for decades to come. So, when it was time to build his own home, Reggie says “Solar was easy.”

“Solar hot water and space heat was a great way to get greater energy independence right on our own property,” he continues. “We chose Revision Energy because of the company’s reputation and continued commitment to their product, their vast knowledge of the systems, and their friendliness and patience with our endless questions and ideas.”

Helping the system to make fiscal as well as environmental and security sense was over $6,000 of state and federal incentives.

The system consists of a large (90-evacuated tube) solar hot water system that provides 100% of annual domestic hot water, as well as a portion of solar space heat. The system is backed up with a Thermolec electric boiler, which opens up the possibility of adding a photovoltaic system down the road for a completely net zero home.

The Experience

“[Project Manager] John Capron and the crew were a blast to have on site, they were meticulous with every aspect,” Reggie says. “They went over the systems and components and schedule with us routinely, and were very concerned about getting the job done right, and on time – you could tell that everyone really cared about the product.”

While a solar space heating system is enormously complex to design and schedule, the actual crews are only on-site for a few days. Once commissioned, the system will provide clean water courtesy of the sun for decades with little to no maintenance.

Living with Solar Hot Water and Space Heat

“The system does everything that Revision designed it to do,” Reggie says, “The house is very evenly heated, and routinely heated by the solar hot water system.”

For now, and for decades to come, his system will generate over 16,000,000 BTUs annually, offsetting over 4,000 lbs of C02 emissions – enough to make anyone breathe a little easier!

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