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Article from our April “Kids’ Edition” newsletter

The City of Nashua figured out how to save their community lots of money while reducing the amount of carbon pollution they produce. You’ve probably already guessed how – with solar electricity!

Last year was a big year for residents of Nashua. Their city installed 3 new solar arrays with ReVision Energy that will generate electricity from sunshine for years to come. They are very big solar projects, that will save people in Nashua money by powering important public buildings, like the fire department, with clean solar electricity.

Mayor Jim Donchess explained how they are excited about the savings for the fire department, city bus garage, and ice rink, but that this is just the beginning for Nashua. He wants to keep reducing the city’s carbon footprint.

What’s a Carbon Footprint?

Big feet make big footprints, and since carbon is something we don’t want too much of in the atmosphere, we all want to make carbon footprints smaller. Much smaller!

Mayor Donchess speaks to the audience at Conway Arena’s solar ribbon-cutting ceremony.

It’s possible we can make the footprint so small you can hardly see it, and a lot of people, like Mayor Donchess and ReVision Energy, are working very hard to get there.

Solar-Powered Everything!

Mayor Donchess and his team want to completely get rid of the city’s carbon footprint by the year 2050, or sooner, and putting solar on offices and schools is part of the plan. People who live in Nashua are also doing their part – some of them have solar power, some drive electric cars, some have super-efficient heaters, and a lot of people have all three!

ReVision Energy thinks solar power and appliances that run on electricity are a great duo, because they make a tiny carbon footprint AND they save people money. Who wouldn’t want that? The more solar panels, the smaller the footprint and the larger the savings. Because their 3 projects are so large, the City of Nashua will save almost 4 million dollars during the next few decades. Pretty cool!

Making a Difference

Photo courtesy City of Nashua

Even cooler? Trees reduce carbon pollution by breathing in carbon and breathing out oxygen. The solar power in Nashua cleans the air enough to equal what thousands of trees can do. How many trees exactly? Imagine planting 3,500 trees every year, for 40 years! Now imagine how many trees if everyone had solar power!

Even if you live in a small town, it’s possible to do great things for your community with solar electricity on public buildings. If you want to live in a world where the air is clean and we all harness sunshine for our power, then write a letter to your town or city’s mayor and let them know about all the good things that are waiting!



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