Londonderry, NH - Solar Electric Car Charging

Chevy Volt parked outside a home in Londonderry, NH, which sports 5kw of solar panels. The solar array produces enough electricity to ‘refuel’ the Volt in 2-3 hours of full sun

Since we first started talking about electric vehicles, several ReVision Energy customers have gone on to purchase electric cars. So, we eagerly asked the question: How well does your solar array complement your electric vehicle charging?

According to Evan Sohm of Londonderry, NH – solar works GREAT with his electric car (a Chevy Volt). Here’s Evan’s experience in his own words:

I drive from Londonderry, NH to Methuen, MA for work, Monday thru Friday. It’s approximately a 37 mile round trip; the Volt will go approximately 40 miles on 10kWHr of charge. As a result, I’ve been driving the Volt to and from work without using any gas.

The PV Solar Panels on my roof produce 4kW of power in full sun. So if the sun shines on my roof for 2.5hours, that produces 10kWHr of energy which is enough to drive the car for 40 miles! On average our PV system produces 18.9kWhr/day. If you use all that energy to charge the Volt you could drive 75 miles per day with zero fuel expenses.

If we drove a regular car that gets 25mpg for 75 miles, that would require 3 gallons of gas. So for us, it’s like our solar panels produce 3 gallons of gas per day, every day.

I couldn’t be happier, because in all honesty, I hate giving my money to the oil companies. Not only do I get to save money and help the environment, but I get to drive a really cool car! Everybody who takes a ride in it says it’s like a space ship. But the Chevy Volt is not rocket science. It’s like any other regular car, only much more efficient. So far, I’ve driven 7,000 miles and the lifetime fuel economy is 107mpg.

Evan has made his solar data publicly accessible and you can view it online at:

We’ll have more about solar and electric car driving soon with new videos in our Solar Road Tour series and an appearance by our fully decked our Chevy Volt at the Common Ground Fair this year. Also be sure to swing by our offices at 142 Presumpscot St, Portland to see our charging station whenever you’re in the area.