Saltwater Grille South Portland

The Salt Water Grille, South Portland, Maine

In an effort to reduce fossil fuel energy costs and CO2 emissions, The Saltwater Grille in South Portland recently had a large solar hot water system installed.

The solar hot water system provides domestic hot water for dishwashing, cooking and hand-washing, thereby offsetting the need to burn propane to produce hot water.

According to owner Mark Loring, the restaurant serves roughly 2,500 meals per week. That means approximately 6,000 gallons of hot water is used each week to keep up with their busy pace.

The solar hot water system was designed and installed by ReVision Energy. System engineer Fortunat Mueller, P.E., estimates that the system will produces roughly 60 million BTUs of clean, renewable heat energy annually, or 200,000 BTUs per day.

The system is saving roughly 600 gallons of propane annually and reducing CO2 emissions by more than 8,000 lbs. each year.

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